Friday, July 11, 2008

From Whence Evil Comes

It had finally cooled down the other night, so we opened the windows for the night. I was having a hard time sleeping when I heard an owl outside. He was just hoot, hoot, hootin' away and it didn't help me get to sleep at all.

At last, he went quiet for a few minutes.

All of a sudden, I heard a squealing like I've never heard before. Squealing and screeching like something was holding on to dear life. The sound got weaker and weaker like it was floating away. Later, I thought the owl may have set himself up with a nice mouse or squirrel dinner.

Valerie heard it too. The next day I came home to various owl sounds from and she was trying to identify which species from the sounds it made. I think she finally settled on Great Horned Owl. Whoooo'd a thunk it?

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