Sunday, June 24, 2012

Escape Artist

After spending a few days away, we went to Passage East Kennel to pick up Cooper and Otis.

When I arrived at the front desk, the attendant said that Otis was a little dirty. With that, Otis came running towards me. I noticed that Otis was wet, but it was only after he pressed against me that I realized my shorts were now muddy.

The attendant explained that Otis had dug a hole in his kennel and slipped under the fencing. I asked if this  happened during the thunder storm (thinking that Otis was scared). The attendant laughed and said, No, it happened this morning. The dogs had play time in the yard and were then brought back inside. A few minutes later she noticed Otis running around. She was surprised by how quickly Otis dug  a hole big enough to fit through.

I apologized and she explained that some dogs do this. That is the reason why they have multiple levels of fencing. If a dog escapes the kennel, they are still inside a much larger fenced area.

Coop did not follow Otis out of the kennel.

Upon arriving home, both dogs received a bath.

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