Friday, December 01, 2006

A December to Remember

I HATE car shopping…. finding a car that you like is easy enough, but the negotiation is always difficult and I am not a haggler. Usually, Jeff ends up handling the purchasing of a car.

That is why I am EXTREMELY happy with our latest car purchase. We ended up purchasing an RX-350 at Lexus of Westport. The entire buying process took 2 hours and 2 emails. We went to Lexus on a Saturday, took a long test drive (about 2 hours) and received a quote for the car. I later sent two emails to the sales agent and the car was ours.

It took more time to learn all the features of the car than it did to come to agreement on price and delivery date.

Before you leave the showroom with your new car, the sales agent presents you with a dozen roses.

All I can say is Wow – what great customer service!

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