Thursday, December 21, 2006

Guest room II finally done

The guest room is finally done. This room was in the worst condition of all the rooms we've worked on so far. We rewired the light switch and put a ceiling fan (Hunter, of course) with two switches; one for the light, one for the fan. We also ran a light switch along the closet wall so the light would turn on with a switch instead of a pull string. Then we put up wire shelving in the walk-in closet to double the storage space. Last, but not least, we painted. To add to the complications, Valerie took a spill and banged up her hand so she couldn't help much with the painting, but took over all other household duties so I would have time to paint. Such a sweetheart. We'll finish it off with a bed next week, but this week's guests will hit the air mattress with sleeping bags.

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