Monday, April 07, 2008

Cherry Blossoms

We spent the weekend in Washington, DC.

I have always wanted to see the cherry trees in bloom and decided this was the year. I went to the National Park website and tracked the bud progression. Based upon the comments, I tried to pick a weekend close to the peak bloom time.

We actually missed the peak by 2 days, but the trees were magnificent.

We walked from the Washington Monument to the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Memorial.

As we walked around the tidal basin, you could smell the sweet scent of cherry. When the wind blew, it was as if pink and white confetti was being sprinkled in the air.

The sun was shining and you couldn't help but smile at such a beautiful site.

As you wander the mall, there is also a sense of sadness. How can you visit the WWII Memorial which honors the 400,00 soldiers who died fighting or the Vietnam Wall with each name representing a son, husband, or father and not want to cry at the great loss of life?

In the evening, we went on a Monuments by Moonlight Tour. The tour was great. We learned a lot about Washington, DC.

In the evening, there are fewer people, and in the dark all your senses are sharper. The waterfall at the FDR Memorial was incredibly loud and the Lincoln Memorial was breathtaking.

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