Sunday, August 24, 2008


We are hoping to pick up Cooper on Sept 6. We still need to work out the details with his foster Mom, Linda. In just a few weeks we will again have a Golden boy sharing our lives.

I asked if Linda minded keeping Cooper until the 6th and she said no,she wants to fatten him up a little. Linda also wants to take Cooper to the vet to see why he is chewing himself and to recheck for worms.

I said that I could never be a foster Mom - how do you give up a dog that you have cared for ? Linda said that most of the dogs aren't too hard to let go of, but the ones that REALLY need you are tough to say goodbye to.

Looking back, I realize that she was talking about Cooper. Is she concerned about what will happen to this special dog? I hope that Linda will occasionally visit this blog to read Cooper's story.

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