Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Done

When the hard and fast deadline of Christmas Day was set back in November, I like to joke with Valerie that I'll be hammering in the last piece of trim as Janet & Mark walk through the door. Naturally, Valerie would look at me with those "don't even joke about it" eyes. Snag after snag kept pushing us back but I thought I had plenty of time.

Fast forward to December 23rd at 10:07 PM. Our company will be here tomorrow. I had one final piece of trim to put up on the window and it just didn't fit right. I could force it, but that would really bother me down the road. So I decided to trim off one of the ends and repaint the fresh cut. Oh, I'll make it all right. I'm getting up at "oh dawn thirty" as my Southern friend used to say. If everything works out just right (famous last words), it will be done by the time our company comes. Check back at noon on Wednesday for the reveal.

(The clamps on the window are holding two glued pieces together. I've got a story about the clamps too, if it ever gets posted.)

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