Monday, December 15, 2008


Cooper is finding his voice. I am not sure if this is a good thing.

Previously, when someone rang the door bell, Cooper would bark once and then go back to watching shadows.

Now when someone pulls in the driveway, Cooper barks LONG and LOUD.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard a fierce growl and found Cooper staring out the back door. Deer were eating the plants at the edge of the deck. I let Cooper out, since the gates on the deck were closed, and he raced out barking.

The deer ran into the woods and stopped. Cooper just stood there barking - making it clear that intruders were not welcome.

The other day at 4:00 am Cooper began to bark. All I could think was he must have heard some animal outside.

I wonder if he is beginning to feel more protective of his home ?

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Bev & Bailey said...

Sounds like Coop is really getting settled in! and he looks so much better than he first did. Bless you both for the love you're showing that pooch!!

BTW, the bathroom looks fabulous!

Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year!