Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meeting the Family

On Saturday morning, Jeff, Cooper, Otis and I headed to upstate NY to visit family. When we arrived  4 hours later, the dogs were anxious to get out of the car.

While we were there, Cooper and Otis got to meet some of Jeff's extended family. I was impressed by how good Coop and Otis acted. The dogs were not perfect, but after a long drive and being in an unfamiliar home with a group of strangers, both dogs were pretty well behaved.

Cooper wandered to each person to get petted. Looking at Coop, I was amazed. Was this the same dog, who when first adopted, never wanted human interaction ?  Coop took an immediate liking to Berry and kept placing his paw on her. This is Coop's way of saying, pet me! Thankfully, Berry is a dog person and she patiently petted Coop.

Otis bounded from person to person wanting attention . 80 pounds of dog coming at you can be a bit unnerving. Thankfully, everyone realized Otis is just a big happy dog, looking for love.

When we arrived home on Sunday afternoon, both dogs were exhausted and slept all afternoon.

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