Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birds of Prey

We visited the amazing Birds of Prey Center in Awendaw, SC. The Center houses eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures and owls. Many of these birds have been injured (a bald eagle was shot , a hawk hit by a car) and can no longer live in the wild. Photo: Turkey Vulture.

It was a beautiful sunny day. As we toured the grounds, we could see wild hawks and vultures soaring overhead. Our tour guide was wonderful and we learned a lot about these magnificent birds. About 50% of the birds which are brought to the Center are returned to the wild. Photo: Hawk

After the tour, there is a free flight demonstration. It was amazing to see a vulture, hawk, falcon and owl flying free, but returning to the trainer when called. When the turkey vulture landed on the ground, the wild vultures which were soaring above flew closer to see if there was food. I asked the owl trainer if the blood curdling screams we hear at night were from owls. He laughed and said owl's hoot - the screams are from the rabbits or squirrels they catch.  Photo: Falcon

I have always been fascinated by raptors and the hours spent at the Birds of Prey Center passed quickly. Jeff and I agreed that we would definitely return here again. If you are ever in the Charleston area, I highly recommend you add this to your must see list. Photo: Barred Owl

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