Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Cooper !

Cooper is 10 years old and has been with us for 3 years! Cooper had several medical scares this year and I was not sure he would make this milestone. Jeff says after years of mistreatment, Coop is not going to easily give up his good life. I hope that is true.

Coop has come a long way in the last 3 years. I am proud of the dog he has become. Cooper often gives me kisses, which is a huge statement of trust. 

Cooper is a beautiful, smart, stubborn dog who has captured our hearts with his enthusiasm for living each day to its fullest. At 5am Coop races over to wake me up with shining eyes and a wagging tail. If Coop could speak, he would say, "Get up! It's a new day! Let's see what is happening in the world!"


Kathy H. said...

Happy birthday, Cooper! You are such a beautiful boy, and I am so happy you have the loving family you deserve.

Betsy N said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! My daughter who is a LT in the Coast Guard adopted Amber from Sunshine on the same day as Cooper. Both are very lucky dogs.