Monday, October 31, 2011

A Man, A Chainsaw, & A Snow Blower

When we arrived home on Saturday evening, we discovered that our driveway was blocked by a fallen tree. Jeff and I walked to the house. A few minutes later, I heard the whine of a chain saw.

Jeff cut up the tree and dragged it out of the way. He then  cleared our elderly neighbor's driveway. Once the driveway was passable, he drove the Lexus up to the house.

Sunday morning found Jeff snow blowing the driveway. What would I do without him!

There are 800,000 people in CT without electricity. 80% of Wilton is without power. It is estimated that power will not be restored until Wed evening or later.

Happy Halloween! It is hard to believe we are talking about snow storm damage in Oct. We are lucky to still have our electricity.

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