Sunday, October 30, 2011

St. Augustine

Our Westport family was selected to receive the St. Augustine Medal of Service for St. Luke's parish. We wanted to attend this special ceremony and headed to Bridgeport in the lightly falling snow.  When we arrived in Bridgeport, the snow was falling heavily and a few inches had accumulated on the ground.

St. Augustine's Cathedral is beautiful with  arched ceilings, an immense pipe organ and stained glass windows. Bishop Lori presided over the ceremony, honoring lay people for their commitment and special works for the church.After the ceremony there was a reception with sandwiches, fruit and eclairs.

We made a mistake and took the Merritt Parkway back to Wilton. We were briefly delayed (10 minutes) for a rollover accident and thought we were very lucky. 10 minutes later we were stopped dead for 80 minutes. Tree limbs were all over the road and there were several accidents. As we waited in traffic, we heard that 50% of Wilton was without power.

2 hours after leaving Bridgeport, we arrived home to find that a tree had fallen across our driveway. We have a very long driveway and slogging through 4 inches of snow and slush in high heels was challenging. The low hanging tree limbs make me think that we will soon be without power.

The Governor is predicting that by tomorrow morning, 550,000 people in CT will be without power.

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