Monday, February 26, 2007

Good Deed

Danny and I decided to take advantage of the relatively mild weather and went for a walk in the downtown area Sunday. Downtown Wilton is really a planned mixed use area with apartment complexes, office buildings, and shops meandering along the Norwalk River.

There was a lot of foot traffic today. Some people that we passed wanted to stop and pet Danny, some just smiled, and some crossed the street. Hey, everybody's not a dog person. As we were on one stretch of the sidewalk we approached a 50ish man pushing an 80ish woman in a wheelchair. When we got closer, the woman extended her hand and that was as good as an invitation for Danny.

"I have to take my glove off for this" she said after a couple strokes of his head.

Of course Danny ate it up like a Milk Bone. The fellow and I struck up a conversation and I explained Danny's story. I looked down and the woman was still stroking the dog with her eyes closed, smiling.

"I had one just like him" she said.

We parted ways and the man thanked us for stopping. As we continued on our walk, I wondered how long it was since the lady had her dog. What was his name? Was he really a Golden, or just a friendly dog? Did she rescue him, or was he a Christmas present for her kids that kept her company when they left for school? I know he was loved, and that made me smile.

Rounding the corner for home, I think Danny held his head up a little higher.


Beth said...

Aw, that's a great story. And Danny looks like such a sweet dog. There's something about his face that trancends dog-ness.

Danny The Dog said...

Yes, he is quite a special dog. In fact, I think he should get extra Milk Bones for just being such a good dog!!