Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Danny's Sick

Cancer. One word, one moment and everything changes.

Danny has cancer.

Danny has been skipping meals and we decided that he should see the vet to be sure that there was nothing seriously wrong. The vet thought she felt something in his abdomen and said perhaps he ate a rock or a piece of rawhide.

The X-ray revealed my greatest fear, a large tumor in his abdomen. I asked if it could not be cancer and the answer was no. Such a large mass in such a young dog is definitely cancer.

Tomorrow Danny will have an ultrasound. If the tumor has spread to his lungs or liver, his prognosis (at best) is 3 months.

If the cancer has not spread, surgery could be a possibility. The surgery is complex and recovery time is 2 months. The vet did not want to go into details until we know what we are dealing with.

I am heartbroken, but managed to not break down in the vet's office. Driving home was a different matter.

I don't know if it is wrong to pray for an animal. However, I hope you will pray for Danny or pray that Jeff and I find the strength and wisdom to choose what is best for this wonderful dog.

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Linda said...

Valerie and Jeff- I am so sad to hear this news. Danny is such a wonderful boy, although I only had him for two weeks and have had 19 since him he is the dog I wake up missing every day. He doesn't deserve this and neither do his great mom and dad. It has always been such an inspiration to me to read about him in this blog and know how happy, safe and loved he is. I've always known he is in the right place. I know that now more then ever he is lucky to have you both. I know you will do what's right for him and whether he has months or years-every day he will know that he is very loved, safe and special- that is more then most dogs know. Thank you for being such a wonderful mom and dad, I am hoping that this cancer is a type that can be treated and will pray for him. I wish you peace during this time and if there's ever anything I can do just call me. Please give Danny a big hug for me- and you both need one too. Take Care, Linda