Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The house was way too quiet last night.

As violent thunderstorms raged through western Fairfield county, I expected to be nudged by my boy, a little scared by the sounds. The nudge never came. Yet with all the thunder, an absence was felt.

The routines are hard to break. A pat on the bed when I get in to call him up. Expecting to see him lounging on the bed as I step out of the shower. His bed still lays next to my side of the bed. I can't put it away just yet.

We took all three boys along in spirit on our morning walk today. I truly believe dogs go to heaven and they were looking down on us as we turned the corner for home. While he was only with us for 20 months, I like to think we packed a full lifetime of love in that time.

He was a Golden to the end. Never cross, never angry. If he was in pain, we couldn't tell. Even on Monday night he played fetch to near exhaustion.

My heart is broken, again. I swore off dogs when Jake passed away, this part is just too hard. I will never forget you my friend.

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