Friday, June 06, 2008


The radiologist read the ultrasound and said that Danny's tumor is either in the spleen or omentum. The recommendation is to have surgery to remove the mass and then a biopsy.

The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. If there are no complications, Danny should be home on Thursday. That would be the best birthday gift.

I asked about the need for chemotherapy or radiation. The Dr. said that once we have the biopsy results, future treatment recommendations will be determined.The vet said that depending on the type of cancer, the prognosis could be 3 months to 2 years.

During the surgery, there will be a visual inspection of lymph nodes and other organs. The vet warned that the cancer could have spread, but we just don't see it yet. I find it odd that cancers are discussed as good cancer or bad cancer, when in fact all are terrible. I guess it is just really a way to measure survival rates.

We are trying to stay positive and take this one step at a time. At least for today, we have hope that we can slow this disease without causing Danny too much pain.

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