Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Busy Days

Since Cooper arrived in Wilton on Saturday evening, he has had two busy days.

Sunday morning started with a trip to PetCo for dog tags, collar and leash. Each of our dogs has had a distinct color and we chose green for Cooper. The checkout girl said she thought Cooper was 1-2 years old!

Next was a trip to the do-it-yourself dog wash. Cooper is so thin, that we didn't want to put him under the cold hose in the yard. Cooper was a little nervous, but did great. I wish I had remembered the camera.

On Monday morning, Cooper got his Wilton dog license. Later in the day, Cooper met his dog walker, Carol.

Monday afternoon ended with a trip to Norwalk Vet Hospital and a checkup with Dr. Duffy. Dr. Duffy said that Cooper's ideal weight is about 62 pounds (he is 55) and thinks he is about 5 years old. He suggested cutting Cooper's food down (no more lunch time meals). We asked about allergies and were told to try Benadryl. If the itching continues, cortisone shots could be done for a short period of time (this was listed as a last resort, as there are side effects).

Cooper may have a slight ear infection, so the Dr. put some drops in and said to watch it. If it still is bad next week, we will need to go back for some medication.

Dr Duffy said that Cooper's skin and coat will take months to get better. He said that we are doing the right things (food, supplements) and now we need to be patient. In 3-6 months we should see a difference.

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betsot said...

He's beautiful! I bet you're having fun with him already! Just a hint - we always used to have trouble with our dogs having allergies. They'd itch, get hot spots, ect. When we got Shatze, the breeder recommended Innova dog food. It's all Shatze's ever had and has had no allergies, hot spots, etc. He's never had canned food either, even though Innova makes a canned food. Shatze's teeth are white and NO bad doggy breath like all our other dogs had. The new vet we have remarked right away on shatze's coat and teeth and asked what we feed him. He thoroughly approved! It's more expensive, but very nutritious and I think we've saved on vet bills! It's also not found in the big pet stores but you can google it and find locations.