Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week One

Cooper has been with us for one week and we have learned a lot in that short span of time. Here are just a few of the highlights

1 - Water bowls are ok, but drinking out of the toilet is more fun. This behavior means that all the toilet lids are now down.

2- When the alarm goes off, Cooper is raring to go. Cooper goes from sound asleep to 60 mph. Cooper doesn't slow down until bedtime. Reminds me of a beloved Sheltie we once owned.

3 - Shadows and blinking lights are fascinating and need to be chased. I am wondering what this will mean for our Christmas tree.

4- Everything tastes better with cottage cheese. Linda used to put cottage cheese on Copper's food and he does not like to eat without it.

5- Do not leave a door open! Cooper loves to run and does not have any recall skills. The great escape and chase was scary, but luckily all ended well.

6- Doggie kisses are given at unexpected times - like when you're napping on the couch. That will wake you up for sure!

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