Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Adventurers

The spirit of adventure still lives in America, at least in the hearts of four people.

Jeff, Wendy,Meghan, and I have agreed to visit Alaska to see the Northern Lights. Many thanks to Wendy for doing all the research and coordination of schedules.

We will be spending a week in Alaska in Dec 2009.

In the spirit of, "this is a once in a lifetime trip, lets do it right", we are not just going to Fairbanks. Why stay in Fairbanks, when you can go to an even colder location further north ?

Our plan is:
We will all meet in Anchorage and spend one night recovering from an all day flight
Travel by scenic train to Fairbanks and spend one night
Fly to Bettles, Alaska where we will be spending 3 nights at a rustic lodge. Yes, they have indoor plumbing and heat.
Fly back to Fairbanks. After this our group heads in separate directions.

I am hoping that the Northern Lights will appear on at least one of the 3 days we are in Bettles. There are no guarantees and I have read online that sometimes the Lights refuse to appear.

In any case, it will be an adventure and a chance to spend time with old and new friends. As Wendy says, "One item off our bucket list".

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