Saturday, February 21, 2009

Master Bath

When we bought our house, we hoped to renovate the postage stamp sized master bath. The goal was to tear off the back of the house and create a much larger space. Unfortunately, the cost of such a project is too great.

So, I have been suffering with this tiny bathroom. However, when the 20 year old Kohler sink began to rust, I knew that something needed to be done.

We decided that we would do a mini-renovation. Nothing drastic, as I still hope to one day demolish this bathroom.

We will repaint to match the master bedroom (which was painted this summer). We are also buying a new vanity, granite counter top and fixtures. The towel bars and window treatments will also be replaced.

We are leaving the toilet, tub, tile and sheetrock in place. The mirror was going to stay in place, but I have been thinking it should be removed.

Many thanks to Jeff for agreeing to take on ANOTHER bathroom.

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