Saturday, April 18, 2009

Christoper Dodd Raises $1M Dollars

Christoper Dodd raised $1 Million Dollars in the first quarter of 2009 for his 2010 bid to return to the Senate. You would think that is a pretty significant advantage considering Republican challengers Rob Simmons and Sam Caligiuri are just starting to open up bank accounts.

Except out of that $1 Million Dollars, exactly five people from the state of Connecticut ponied up a total of $4,000. At least he knows he still has friends in the Nutmeg State.

Maybe it was the fact that Christoper Dodd turned his back on his constituents during the multitude of bailouts that are still ongoing.

Maybe it was his Clinton-esque "non-truth" telling during the AIG bonus debacle (which personally, I think those people deserved).

Maybe the people just had enough of his mortgage shenanigans with the now defunct Countrywide Mortgage.

Yes, even the polls are saying we should check Dodd with a meat thermometer, because he appears to be done.

Vote with your pocketbook, Connecticut.

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