Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Extreme Alaska

While channel surfing, I ran across a tv program called Extreme Alaska on Discovery (?). When I saw a picture of the Bettles Lodge, where we are staying to view the Northern Lights, I stopped.

It turns out that the town of Bettles has a population of 39 people. There were 2 rogue grizzly bears that did not hibernate over the winter and were terrorizing the town.

When the bears broke into empty cabins and bear tracks were found near the snowmobile trails, it was feared that someone could be attacked by the starving animals.

Jeff said nothing - just looked at me with eyes that screamed - We are PAYING to go here ?? Are you insane ?

The story ends with 1 grizzly being killed and 1 disappearing.

My only comment was, "This happened in Nov, surely by Christmas, the bears will be asleep!" (Or so I hope).

This trip is shaping up to be a true adventure.

Photo Source: Dave Hurteau of Field & Stream magazine

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