Sunday, April 05, 2009


We do not yet know if the cancer is in Cooper's lymph nodes. Yet even without this information we have decided that we will not be pursuing radiation or chemo.

This was not an easy decision. Many tears have been shed since we learned of Cooper's illness and sleepless nights are now routine.

Some people will agree with us and some will disagree.

We will not send Coop away to live in a kennel while he undergoes radiation treatment. I think Coop would feel scared, abandoned and unloved. The months of work to establish trust would be broken.

As for chemo, we don't want Coop's life to revolve around Dr. visits.

I wonder if we are letting Coop down? Should we fight harder to extend his time with us?

In the end, we felt that what is important is that Coop be happy for whatever time remains. Keeping Coop with us and showing him lots of love is the best way we know to make him happy.

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Bev & Bailey said...

I am so sad to hear about Cooper. I know how much you care about Cooper, and I firmly believe you've made the right decision. You've given Cooper a great life, and (more important) you're thinking about his quality of life--which is sometimes incredibly hard to do. We will keep the three of you in our prayers. Bailey sends soft woofs and puppy kisses.