Friday, June 24, 2011

What's in the Box ?

When Jeff and Cooper got home from the Cornell Vet Clinic, there was a box waiting at the door.  The box was from one of our favorite people, Linda F. Linda  had  read that Cooper was not feeling well and had sent a get well gift.

The box was full of dog treats, squeaky toys and Lindt chocolates (for Jeff and I). The dog treats looked so tasty, I was tempted to try one. Cooper and Otis gobbled up the treats.  I gave Coop one of the squeaky toys and he raced around the house squeaking it as he ran. I have not seen Coop that happy,  in a while.

A few minutes later, Cooper began to tear the toy apart to get to the squeaker. Stuffing is now sprinkled around the house. Thank you Linda, for cheering all of us up!

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