Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who's At The Door ?

I was on a conference call when the doorbell rang. Coop and Otis charged down the stairs and ran to the front door, barking as they went.

I raced to the door  with phone in hand and saw a delivery man holding a Happy Birthday balloon and a red box. I managed to push Coop to the side and opened the door. The delivery was from Edible Arrangements. Since Otis could not get around me, he decided to squeeze between my legs. I put the phone to my shoulder, grabbed the box with one hand and tried to push Oti back with the other.

The man said it is ok if they come out, I like dogs. I said, if they get out they may not come back. The man was holding a proof of delivery form in his hand. I asked if I needed to sign for this. The man was nice and said, you have your hands full (literally),  I can do that. He then shut the door, while I held Otis back.

I saw the man laughing as he walked back to his car. Looking back at the crazy scene, I am laughing too. So much for 6 weeks of good citizen/meet and greet training!

The box was full of giant chocolate covered strawberries. Once my phone call ended, I ate one. It was DELICIOUS! A big thank you to my LI family for the wonderful gift.

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