Friday, December 02, 2011

The Perfect Gift

Jeff and I went Christmas shopping at PetCo. We left the store with  a bag full of  treats and toys for Cooper  and Otis. We purchased a stuffed toy with a squeaker that we knew Cooper would love. The stuffed toy was large and hung out the top of the bag.

When we got home, Cooper saw the stuffed toy. Cooper began to whine. I told Coop that he needed to wait for Xmas to get this special toy.

I placed the gifts on the guest bed and went downstairs. Five minutes later, I heard a distinctive squeak coming from upstairs. Coop was at the top of the stairs, chewing on his new toy. I grabbed the toy and the PetCo bag and put everything into the top of the closet.

Coop kept wandering into the guest room, searching for his toy. I guess dogs really are like kids who can't wait for Santa to arrive with gifts.

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