Friday, December 16, 2011

Stolen Firewood

Imagine my surprise when I went into the back yard and saw that our 6 foot stack of cut and dried firewood had disappeared.

It seems that someone saw the wood and decided to steal it! I am FURIOUS. Jeff and I spent hours cutting, splitting and stacking that wood.

I cannot help but wonder if the wood was taken by someone who knows us. The wood was stored behind the house,  not in plain sight and few people would know about it. The wood was also stolen on a day when I was not working at home.

I think that it was probably several people working together. For one person to move that much wood would take a significant amount of time.

So much for the spirit of Christmas and goodwill to your fellow man.

Update: I called the Wilton police and they said that theft of firewood sometimes occurs. They asked if we have a security system or a big dog which may have kept the thieves outside. Maybe Coop and Otis did earn their kibble this week. I was  told to make sure all doors and windows were securely locked as we now know there are criminals in this area.

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