Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why we like Harry

We had a new walkway installed at our home last spring. This year we wanted to have a Japanese maple planted along the walkway. In February, I spoke with Harry, the landscaper at Young's Nursery. Harry said that Japanese maples would start to arrive in April and I should contact him at that time.

I spoke to Harry this week. Harry asked what kind of maple we wanted. It turns out that there are MANY types of Japanese maples. Did we want a vertical or a cascading ? Green or red or purple leaves ? Did the ultimate height or width matter ?

Harry gave me the name of several possibilities to research and then suggested we stop by Young's to see what they had in stock.  After looking online, we visited Young's. The Japanese maples do not have their leaves yet, so the trees looked very different than what we saw on the Internet.

We decided on a cascading Crimson Queen. The trees we saw were small (5-7 years old) and we wanted something larger. We drove home and I immediately called Harry to request that he look for a larger (10-15 year old) tree.

Five minutes later the phone rang and Harry said, "I heard you were at the Nursery . I just missed you." Harry said that they had a large Crimson Queen in Woodbury and suggested we drive there to see it.

 I said. "If you think it is nice, we will take it." There was silence and Harry said, " These plants are like pieces of sculpture and it is important that you see the tree without it leaves. Plus such an old tree is very expensive and I want to be sure you are satisfied." If we liked the tree, it would have to be dug out immediately (before leaves appeared) or we would have to wait until Oct! I again said, we would buy it sight unseen, but Harry was adamant we visit the tree. Jeff and I agreed that we would be at Woodbury the next day.

Five minutes later, the phone rang again. Harry had found a large Crimson Queen in Wilton, could we come to see it ? Jeff and  I jumped in the car and were there in 5 minutes. The cascading limbs had an interesting appearance and we agreed to buy the tree.

I asked  Harry when they could install the tree. Harry said, "When will you be home ?" I asked if we needed to be there, since his crew built the wall and knew where the tree should be planted. Harry was aghast, "We need you to say where it should be placed and how it should be positioned. Once it is away from all the other trees, it will look very different. Did we want the tree to look best pulling into the driveway, walking up the stairs or when viewing from the sitting wall ?"

So much for just digging a hole and dropping the tree in it. I am hoping our maple can be planted in the next few weeks.

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