Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bathtime for Daniel

When Daniel was at his foster home, he had a run in with a skunk. Although he did not smell too badly, on days when he got wet, you could definitely tell he had some skunk funk

It appears that Daniel has allergies, so I did not want to bathe him, until the hypo-allergenic dog shampoo which we ordered arrived. The shampoo arrived this week and since it is still fairly warm, we decided it was time for a bath.

We were not sure how Daniel would react to this process. Our Sheltie hated to get wet and would cry pitifully when the water started to flow from the hose. Our other retriever accepted that baths were part of life, and would put his head down and wait for the process to be over.

Daniel was wonderful during the bath. He stood still the whole time and only appeared to be concerned when his tail was lifted for washing underneath. Of course, washing a dog on a rainy day means that the drying process is a slow one. Lots of shaking and several towels later, Daniel has a shiny coat that no longer smells.

Daniel really seems to be a happy dog with an easy going personality. We often wonder why someone would abandon this sweet boy and are thankful that he came into our lives.


Jonathon said...

I love that when you bathe dogs they look SO SAD, but afterwards, when you dry them off they have more energy then 27 two year-olds combined.


Jeff Hunter said...

yeah, always enough energy to roll around in the grass immediately after the bath :(

Jacou said...

Great thing you did by adopting this dog.

My wife came back with a 2 years old golden from a shelter about 2 years ago. I was completly against having a dog at first but now I really like my dog. Golden are such good dogs.

Good luck with Daniel and keep up the good work with your blog. It is interesting.