Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat

The Halloween preparations start pretty early in our household. We usually start picking up a bag of candy here and there so we have enough when the big day hits. We get candy we like, "just in case" we have some left. Sometimes all the candy makes it to Halloween, sometimes we dip into the stash for an emergency chocolate fix.

Since this is the first year in the new house, we didn't really know what to expect. Our two previous houses were in big young neighborhoods and we knew we would get swamped. It was not uncommon for me to get a call on the way home with a frantic "WE NEED MORE CANDY!!" coming from the other end.

But this house is different. We're in a small neighborhood with mostly original owners. It's a nice quiet street with a couple kids, so we thought there would be a steady trickle of goblins all evening. We were prepared with 36 full-sized Hershey bars and a bag of Baby Ruth's for backup.

The darkness descended at 4:50 and Valerie prepared...




7:57...Ding Dong. Danny rushes down the stairs to greet the ghouls. Two kids dressed up, a Father, and an older kid just accompanying them. Danny almost manages to get out the door, but Valerie keeps a handle on him while she gives out the goodies. It's been a slow night, so she offers a big Hershey bar to the older kid who takes her up on it. Dad passes, knowing he's waiting for the Butterfingers when the kids go to bed.

8:00... Nothing.

8:30... Nobody.

9:00...Lights out.

Three freakin' trick-or-treaters last night. And I use the number three loosely.

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Beth said...

Wow. You'd think some of the kids in the surrounding areas would be hip to the uncharted trick-or-treating territory and get where the gettin's good. I probaby had about 40 kids last night. Respectable, I guess, but when I was a kid, man, my mom must have given candy to hundreds of kids. Every block was abuzz with kids in costumes running up and down steps. And most houses had around 8 steps to the front doors, so man, we got a workout collecting our loot.