Friday, May 23, 2008


Our Maytag dishwasher has major problems and needs to be replaced.

Those who regularly read the blog will know that this was the last remaining kitchen appliance. Who would think that in 2 years, you would need to replace a refrigerator, stove , oven and dishwasher? I don't think this is a very positive statement about the quality of today's manufacturing.

After looking at numerous dishwashers online I called our appliance industry expert and asked for suggestions. What dishwasher would you buy I ? The answer: Bosch - they are the best.

I didn't know much about Bosch, so I did a little research. It turns out they are the highly rated, known for superior quality and super quiet operation. I never doubt our expert, so we decided to check this dishwasher out.

Luckily, Lowes carries Bosch. Even better they are running a holiday special - 10% discount and free delivery and installation.

The new dishwasher should be installed at the end of next week.

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Jeff Hunter said...

...AND the microwave...