Friday, May 30, 2008

Dog Food

Danny decided that he no longer likes his chicken based IAMS dog food and stopped eating it. I thought Danny was sick, but Jeff pointed out that he eats everything else.

Before going to the vet, we decided to try a new dog food. We went to the pet super-store and asked for samples. Unfortunately, they don't carry samples, so we headed down to the dog food section.

I was amazed at all the choices. I first spotted duck with long grain rice. It sounded interesting, but I wondered what if Danny acquires a taste for duck ? Would he attack Maddy and Paddy ? On to the next option....

Salmon and wild rice - I am not a fish eater, so I could not subject poor Danny to that.

Next was turkey and barley. Turkey has upset our previous dog's digestive system, so we immediately passed on that.

Beef with vegetables was a possibility, but we kept looking.

We eventually found lamb and rice. Not just any lamb, but New Zealand lamb. We decided to give this a try.

We threw out the IAMS and put some lamb and rice in Danny's bowl. Danny gave it a sniff and started to wander away. I coaxed him to take a bite. He ended up eating the entire bowl.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that he continues to like this food.

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Bev & Bailey said...

Hi Valerie! Sorry to intrude. My name is Beverly and I work for Iams in Consumer Relations. I'm so sorry that Danny didn't like our food. Did you know that we have a satisfaction guarantee? Give us a call at 1-800-525-4267.