Monday, May 12, 2008


We had bought a Tumi laptop case a few years ago. Unfortunately, we never registered the bag with Tumi and did not save the receipt. All we knew was the bag was now 2+ years old.

The laptop case was used daily and received a lot of rough treatment. The case itself looked great, but the two plastic clips that held it closed both broke.

We thought it was time to throw out the bag and get a new one. However, the laptop case had been expensive and I thought it might be worth contacting Tumi to see if we could purchase replacement clips.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Tumi representative told me to send the bag to their service center. Tumi would determine the age of the bag and if it was still under warranty it would be fixed for free. If the warranty had expired, they would let me know the cost of the repair and I could decide what to do.

I packed up the bag and for $12 shipped it to Georgia.

Two weeks later there was a Tumi box at the front door. The laptop case had been repaired at no charge!

I am so impressed by this, that I would consider purchasing other Tumi pieces in the future.

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