Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exhaust Fan

The new bathroom exhaust fan has been installed. This is the first step in the bathroom reconstruction.

Installing this fan should have been simple enough, except that our ceiling is made with 2x8s, not the standard 2x10s. This means that the standard exhaust fan is just too big to fit in this small space.

When we bought the fan, we did not realize that one size does NOT fit all. Jeff found out that there was a problem when he went to install the fan. Worse than the hour drive to White's was finding out that they did not have the size we needed in stock!

A few days later we got a call - the fan had arrived.

Once nice feature about this Panasonic fan is that it also has a night light. This is great for guests who are unfamiliar with the layout of the house and could have a tough time finding their way at night.

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