Monday, October 20, 2008

Saving Summer

I have never had much luck with fuchsias. The last 2 years I bought big baskets from Stew Leonard's, but they quickly died. The first year was due too much sun. The second year was too much shade.

This year I decided to just buy a small plant for $3, and pot it myself. Since the woodchuck comes onto the deck, I made sure that the plant was high enough up, so it could not be eaten.

All summer long, I fertilized and watered and was rewarded with beautiful blooms. The hummingbirds would often be seen feeding at the flowers.

When I heard that we were getting our first frost, I knew that the fuchsia would soon be dead. I decided to try and save a little bit of summer and moved the plant inside.

I don't know if the plant will survive. I have been reading that fuchsias are picky and do not do well indoors. I still think it is worth a try. Seeing these delicate flowers reminds me of warm spring days spent outside soaking up the sun with Danny.

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