Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meeting the Family

We went to Long Island for our niece's birthday and Cooper had his first chance to meet our family.

The party was at my Mom's house which has a fenced yard. Cooper loved the chance to be off leash. I was amazed to see how fast he can run. It was such a beautiful day, we even had a chance to play fetch.

Cooper was a great guest. I was a little nervous about Cooper meeting so many strangers, but he wanted to shake hands with everyone.

While we enjoyed dinner, Cooper curled up under the table. Our nieces brought some special Petco cookies that Cooper thoroughly enjoyed.

An attempt to lick the left over birthday cake was thwarted. If you have ever had an Audrey's cake, you can't blame Cooper for wanting some.

By the end of the evening all of the camera flashes were starting to bother Coop.

Cooper curled up and slept on the drive home (a first). It was a long but happy day for all of us.

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