Sunday, November 09, 2008


The vanity, linen cabinet, toilet and undermount sink have been delivered. One half of the garage is now full of construction supplies.

It turns out that the linen cabinet is taller than garage ceiling, so this means that the dining room has also become a temporary storage place.

With family visiting for Christmas, I am hoping that this project can be completed before their arrival. Putting on my project manager hat, I would say this is a HIGH RISK as there is still not a single piece of sheetrock installed. Also, the subfloor needs additional plywood before tile can be laid.

The last thing that needs to be ordered is the tile. We still want travertine, but after talking with the installers, we are reconsidering the floor and wall design.

One of the installers we interviewed was Italian and had the most interesting sayings. One that stuck with me was "You can't have a drunk wife and a full (wine) barrel", when talking about tradeoffs in life.

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