Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good news, bad news

Good news - the tile arrived on Saturday and is now sitting in our basement!

Bad news - the installer can't begin until Dec 1.

That would be bad enough, but we thought it would be a 3 day job and then the plumber could come to install the radiator and finish the other plumbing tasks.

When I spoke to the installer to schedule his start date, he said that it would be 5-6 days before he was finished! I was surprised, but as we talked about the time to prep the walls and floor, layout, cut, install, and seal the tile, it made sense.

So, it seems that the flooring and plumbing will be done, but the vanity top will probably not be ready in time for Christmas. The template cannot be made, until the vanity is installed and then the yet to be chosen stone has to be cut and installed.

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