Saturday, November 08, 2008

Two Months

Cooper has been with us for two months and we are learning a lot about each other.

1- Cooper loves popcorn. The rustle of a potato chip bag holds no appeal, but the pop-pop of microwave popcorn gets Cooper's tail wagging

2- After a morning walk, eggs are delicious. Cooper was skipping meals, until Jeff cooked an egg and mixed it with the dog food. Now a dozen eggs are part of the weekly grocery list. Can you say spoiled ?

3- Cooper has learned to love the bed. While we get ready for work, he naps on our bed and some nights, he will spend all night on the bed (thankfully he is small).

4 - With good nutrition and lots of brushing, hair will grow back. Cooper is finally getting some belly hair.

5 - Cooper is afraid of the dark. When we walk Cooper at night and it is very dark (no street lights), he is very hesitant. I don't know if he has poor night vision or if this is due to his past life. He is fascinated by light and shadows and I wonder if he was kept in a dark scary place.

6 - Kisses are meant to be shared. Cooper is happy to give kisses to show his appreciation.

7 - Rawhide is a favorite toy, but anything that can be chewed is fun to play with. Thankfully, we have a never ending supply of tennis balls!

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