Monday, November 17, 2008


This weekend we went tile shopping. We had previously seen travertine that we liked, but we weren't sure we loved it.

On Saturday morning, we set out with one goal in mind - to find floor/shower tile and one accent tile. Luckily, Bruce's Marble and Granite (Norwalk, CT) was our second stop.

Bruce's has a lot of tile to choose from, but more importantly we really liked their employee's attitude. They were happy to help, but were not pushy and were content to let us browse by ourselves.

We found two floor tiles we liked - one travertine and one marble. We then started to look for accent tile. Trying to find an accent was tougher than choosing the tile, there are so many colors and options to choose from.

In the end we decided on the travertine and a glass accent in green and beige (the color in the picture is washed out). We really liked some of the metallic glass tile, but thought this was too trendy and would date itself in a few years.

Bruce's will check with the distributor for delivery estimates. If the wait is too long, we will switch to the marble.

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