Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bobbi & Linda

Hi Maine Moms -

It's me, Otis. My birthday is coming up. I've been thinking about the last year  and  wanted you to know I have not forgotten you.

Bobbi, you rescued me from the animal shelter. I don't want to think about what  might have happened if you hadn't come along. Too bad I don't like cats. Living in a home filled with home baked dog treats would have been a dream come true.

Linda, when I could no longer live with Bobbi, you graciously took me in. Considering that you already had 3 of your own Goldens, that is a tremendous kindness. Even better, you found me my forever home in CT!

Every time I chew another baseball cap (Otis 3, Caps 0) Mom threatens to send me back to Maine. I just smile and wag my tail because I know she doesn't really mean it. Even if she did, I know you'd keep me safe.

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