Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Otis!

Otis has been with us for 1 year! It seems like yesterday that Linda F sent an email asking if we wanted Cooper to have a brother. When we saw how adorable Otis was, we could not refuse.

Oti LOVES people. I don't think we have ever had such a people focused dog. Otis doesn't want to just get petted, he loves to lean into you,  as if he can become one with you.

Even though Oti is now 4 or 5, he is still a big puppy at heart. I think that Otis will never grow up. Otis sees shoes, towels, hats, gloves and anything that is not nailed down as a potential toy.

Every morning, before the alarm goes off, Otis jumps on the bed and wiggles his way up until his head is almost on my pillow. The instant the alarm goes off, Oti jumps on top of me wanting to be petted. From Oti's level of excitement, you would think Otis had not seen me in weeks. I find it odd that Otis never jumps on Jeff. I guess we know who the Alpha is in our pack.

Otis has been good for Cooper. Coop certainly likes to boss Oti around and Oti seems happy to have a companion when we are at work.

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