Monday, July 26, 2010


To finish our new fiberglass door, we needed to stain it. I knew we were in trouble when we opened the stain kit and there was a 20 minute video on how to properly stain the door. The video claims that if you follow all 12 steps, the door will not only look great, but require no maintenance for 5 years. The kit says the door can be finished in one day.

Staining is a messy job. We had hoped that in a few hours the entire process would be complete. Unfortunately, we had to apply multiple coats to get the color we desired. Wearing patches of cherry stain, Jeff said he will never again work on this door.

2 coats of sealer still have to be applied. Hopefully this can be done next weekend if the weather cooperates.

I really like how the door looks. From a distance, you would think it really is a wood door, not fiberglass.

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