Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Vet Appointment

Cooper had his annual vet appointment.  I was the only person in the waiting area and thought this will be nice and quick. I should have known that fate had other plans. 20 minutes later a vet tech came out and took a blood sample from Coop. I was told Dr Duffy would be with me shortly.

5 minutes later, a girl came running in saying her dog had been hit by a car . Over the intercom the emergency call went out. I knew I would be waiting a long time. It turns out that the puppy had stepped on the window control, opened the window and jumped out. The driver did not realize this happened and ran over the dog.

After 40 more minutes, Coop and I met with Dr Duffy. The vet and the staff apologized for the wait. I said emergencies happen and if it was my dog, I would want him treated immediately (visions of Otis opening car windows were running thru my head). The puppy is going to be fine.

Cooper is a perfect 60.8 lbs. Dr Duffy said that Cooper seemed very healthy for a senior. I mentioned that Coop hesitates when he walks on very dark nights. Dr Duffy said that diminishing eyesight is a sign of old age, but Coop's retina are healthy.  Coop's thyroid is not enlarged and there are no signs of cancer. Dr Duffy said he will see us in one year.

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