Sunday, August 22, 2010

The View From Behind

I was walking Cooper and Otis and realized that these dogs walk in very different ways.

Cooper prances with his tail held high and curling at the tip, like a giant plume. Coop is always looking up and around, ready to race after a bird or falling leaves. Coop walks at a fast pace, his eyes sparkle and you can tell that Coop is happy to be outside.

Otis walks with his tail down and nose to the ground. Otis constantly sniffs and walks at a much slower pace. Otis loves people and yet when we walk, his attitude changes. Otis is in "security" mode and will softly growl or whine to alert me of approaching people. Otis happily greets anyone who comes to our front door, so I am surprised by this. Our trainer said Oti  is a  Signaler and I think Otis feels it is his job to alert the pack to potential danger.

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Steve said...

Unless you're the lead dog the view is always the same...