Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was grilling on the deck and saw Otis pick something up and start to chew on it. I thought perhaps Oti had found a stick, but there was nothing hanging out of his lips.

I decided that I should find out just what Oti had. Good luck trying to get a large dog to open his mouth, when he does not want to.

I finally got Oti's mouth open and stuck my hand inside. Talk about trust, I have no doubt that Oti could crush my hand if he wanted to. I searched around and pulled out an acorn! I threw the acorn over the railing. Oti just stood there and stared at where the acorn landed.

Maybe dogs really are like toddlers, putting everything in their mouth.


Steve said...

Are acorns actually harmful to dogs?

betsot said...

Val, just watched an interesting show on Nat Geo called "Dogs that will eat anything". It's amazing the stuff dogs will swallow....then require $2000 surgery to save their life!! It's good you pay attention! Love your blog and the house looks awesome!!