Friday, October 01, 2010

New Food

I think that Otis has allergies, as he often chews at his feet and scratches at his ears. This is especially noticeable after Otis eats. I am not sure if these are allergies to food or pollen or grass.

Jeff saw an ad for a new Science Diet Prescription d/d dog food. This food is supposed to help reduce food allergy symptoms. This dog food can only be purchased from a vet. When I called our vet, I was told they do not carry this food, but could order it. I was then asked if the dogs would prefer salmon, venison or duck.

I know that Cooper had enjoyed salmon before, so ordered an 8 lb bag. I mixed the new food with the existing, to ease the dogs into their new diet. I was surprised that both dogs gobbled up the salmon and potato kibble.

The prescription food is pricey and I do believe that the dogs may now be eating better than we do!

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