Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 Dogs & 2 Bags

We lost power at noon on Monday. I was surprised, because the snow storm had stopped by then. It turns out that several large tree limbs had snapped and taken down a power line . I called CL&P and was told they did not know when power would be restored, due to the high number of outages.

When I called CL&P  at 6:00 pm, I received the same status message - there is no estimate for repair. By this time the house was getting cold. Being on a well, when we lose power, we lose water. Jeff and I went out to eat.

With the high winds and cold temperatures outside, the house was a cool 52 when we got home. Cooper goes crazy when he sees a flashlight, so we had no light inside. At 9:00 pm, we went to bed. I was freezing. Even with  both dogs on the bed, it was still cold. I knew it was bad, when Coop snuggled up to me to try and stay warm.

Jeff went down into the basement and brought up 2 mummy sleeping bags. Jeff said he used these when camping and were good to -10. I had doubts that this light weight bag could do much good, but it was worth a try. 10 minutes after crawling inside, I was starting to feel warm. One hour later, I was feeling hot.

At midnight, the power returned. Thankfully the pipes didn't freeze. I guess technology has replaced the 2 dog night with a 2 bag night.

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