Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coal for Cooper

The dogs do not seem to understand that Santa Paws brings gifts to GOOD dogs at Christmas. Otis usually is the instigator, but this morning I wandered into the bedroom and saw that Cooper was chewing  my sweatshirt!

I took the sweatshirt from Cooper and found that he had chewed the collar off. I yelled "Bad, Cooper, bad!". Coop just looked at me with unblinking eyes and showed no contrition.

I looked around the bedroom. There are balls, chew toys and tug toys scattered all over the floor. I do not understand why Cooper choose my sweatshirt over any of these.

Could the smell of the tacos I had made the night before lingered in my sweatshirt, making it an appealing plaything ?

1 comment:

TuulinHuminaa said...

Not the tacos, but You. Dogs love the owners scent. :-)